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The Vulcan Hotel and Taff Street as they were before closure

Photographs taken in 2006 of The Vulcan and surrounding streets and buildings, Adam Street, Cardiff.

Above: The Vulcan Hotel, opened in 1853 and finally called time (in its current location) on 4th May 2012. It will be teleported, Tardis-style, to St Fagan's Museum, thanks to the efforts of the Save The Vulcan campaign. This group probably prevented its earlier demolition when the adjacent buildings were cleared to make way for temporary parking (lease now extended) during the construction phase of St Davids 2. The Vulcan's removal from Adamsdown is perhaps yet further proof of the city's disregard for its architectural heritage and history, but what's anyone to do about it, eh?
Above: No longer do Garth Street and Taff Street exist. These photos were taken just weeks before they were done away with.







Left: The corner of Garth Street looking towards town. The demolition of the corner building revealed an old Guiness advert mural on the side of The Vulcan.

Once the car parks were created, the pub was left in "splendid isolation", according to Peter Finch. Yet Glamorgan University's glass and steel vision of the future that is ATRiuM (created out of the old BT building opposite) soon stood in stark contrast, representing what Adam Street is to become. The writing was on the wall, so to speak.

Above: A sad pile of old office chairs outside the closed BT building, which has become the ATRiuM. Some of these chairs had their owner's name on the back ...unless the BT employees had named their chairs.

Above: The other corner of Garth Street and Adam Street.

The Vulcan Hotel was Cardiff's oldest remaining pub.

Click here to see a Wales Online storyabout the dismantling works that have started (July 2012).




Left: Scenic Cardiff! There were legal notices attached to lamp posts on this dilapidated dead end of Taff Street in the unlikely event someone would a) pass by, and b) want to pause to read something. A BBC crew shooting Dr Who here removed these signs anyway.

Below: a threat to those parking at the car park between Adam Street and Taff Street? Nice if so.

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