New Cardiffians love the 'Diff too!

Due to public demand, we are proud to present our classic I Loves The 'Diff logo on oh-so cute miniature unisex white t-shirts. With a reduced size, red-heart logo which has been professionally printed using baby-safe inks, surely these tees represent the must-have garment of any self-respecting newborn (or recently-born) Cardiffian.


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How to buy, delivery info & sending overseas
Simply use the drop-down buttons to choose the required size. A new PayPal page will open when you click Add to Cart. You can increase the quantity in your basket or simply return to this page (or other product pages) to order different items. Your PayPal basket will automatically update. See, magic!

We will do our best to ensure that your order is completed swiftly (our record stands at 51 minutes from order to hand delivery!). If you need something by a certain date please also email us to let us know.

If you are ordering from (or sending to) outside the UK, this is no problem. We've sent our products all over the planet and seen photos of our logo in some very far-flung and unlikely places, including on the Equator in Uganda, at a ghost town called Cardiff near Chicago, and in...Swansea. Just pay the top-up fee. CLICK HERE


Baby Tees
For Girls and Boys
Just £12 inc UK delivery

Tee sizes
00 - 06 Months
06 - 12 Months
12 - 18 Months
18 - 24 Months

About our baby t-shirts
High quality Hanes 100% pre-shrunk Cotton t-shirt, with European certified non-toxic ink. Machine-washable at 40°C colourfast cotton.

Logos for smaller people
To keep things in proportion and to match the dimintive dimensions of these baby t-shirts we've reduced the logo size. And may we just say, we think they look fab!

Smile: model's own
We'd like to thank our happy model Valerio and his parents for giving up their time and for their enthusiasm throughout our photoshoot, which included jetting off to exotic Roath Park to take advantage of an unusually warm October afternoon.

Taffywood Cards
On sale in shops throughout Cardiff, Penarth and Cowbridge (click here for stockists), and also available online here, our hilarious Taffywood Cards spread cheer and joy across the land.

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